Glenn the groomer from BIG BROTHER

Mobile Grooming is a VERY SPECIALIZED Service,
providing convenience and flexibility ideal for
the busy professional.  And best of all,


Bronx NY (only North & East Bronx due to parking restrictions)  and Lower Westchester NY
(Yonkers NY, Mt. Vernon NY, New Rochelle NY)

Why Pet Pampering Patrol
Mobile Pet Grooming?

  • dr-groomRelieves the stress from having to travel to and from a noisy grooming salon.
  • Eliminates pick up deliver times.
  • No more messy cars (e.g. accidents, car sickness, hair etc…).
  • Your pet is handled in a sanitized and comfortable environment.
  • We NEVER cage the animals.
  • Your pet is groomed in an environment that he/she is accustomed to, therefore eliminating separation anxiety.
  • Your pet receives individual treatment. There is no contact with other animals.
  • We have experience with handling difficult and temperamental animals. (if your dog is nervous or aggressive, suffers from seizures, is too old to stand, gets carsick or does not like to get wet, not a problem.. We’ve also dealt with dogs that do not like being touched in the face or tail, or do not like having their nails cut.)
  • Our personalized touched has been known to reverse the traumatizing effects of standard grooming facilities to both pet and owner!

Pengy-G’s Mobile Pet Pampering Patrol:

Provides a customized grooming service with talent and the style of an upscale salon that is brought to you at the convenience and comfort of your Home or Office.

Curbside service in our
State of the Art self-contained,
Mobile Dog Grooming Salon.