A:NOWHERE! Your dog never leaves the vicinity of your home. We do ALL the grooming in our State of the Art, self-contained, Mobile grooming salon.
A: NO. We are FULLY AUTOMATED!! The van is equipped with a 50 gallon Fresh water tank for bathing and a 50 gallon grey water tank to collect and contain all the waste water. The van also runs on an ONON Generator. The generator runs on gas and provides the truck with all the electricity necessary to run the salon.
A: NO. All that is needed is someone to be home to provide us with the pet to be groomed. You may leave the pet with a friend or family member (along with payment and authorization to groom your pet) and a cellular phone number that may be used to contact the owner to ask questions or to contact once the grooming is complete.
A: UNFORTUNATELY, NO (or not always). Since we are booked by appointment only. We are usually booked weeks in advance. We tend to try to accommodate all clients in a certain area on a certain day. This way, we can optimize our time with our clients. However, you can still ask the groomer. Sometimes, we do get last minute cancellations and can fit a dog in. Try your luck, you never know!
A: No. Unfortunately, at this present time we are no accepting credit cards. Due to the high volume requests, we are looking into it. Until this feature is added, we will only accept CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS (with proper identification). And SORRY, OUR SERVICES ARE NOT FREE.
A: No. At the time of your grooming, you may ask the groomer to rebook NOW for your future appointment. Since many dogs breeds need to be groomed on a 6/8/10 week cycle, you may ask the groomer to put you in the normal schedule rotation for future appointments. This will lock in your appointments. Also, think of future events (holidays etc…) where you will want the dog groomed. It is best to book way in advance during peak seasons.
A: This is a serious matter to us. Our appointments are booked weeks in advance. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to keep a record of the appointments. In order to avoid wasting travel time and expenses, ALL CANCELLATIONS AND REBOOKINGS MUST BE DONE AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. This can be done by calling the groomer or emailing the service. IF YOU DO NOT CALL, you will be charged a NO SHOW CANCELLATION FEE. This fee can be up to half of your standard grooming price if you want us to come back to your location or an invoice will be left at your home.
A: The groomer has had a lot of experience with these types of situations. In normal situations, the groomer will do their best to maintain a good composure with the animal and comfort it as much as possible. However, in cases like these, we advise that the owner contact their Veterinary Doctor. Explain how you would like to get your animal groomed. Very often (depending on the condition of the pet) the Vet can provide the owner with a tranquilizer for the animal. If this is the case, please let the groomer know. Half an hour prior to the grooming appointment (unless instructed differently by the Vet), give the pet the pill. Tranquilizers have been known to help take the edge off the pet and make the grooming experience better for both the groomer and the pet. If the dog is still aggressive or does not allow the groomer to groom them, we then have the right to decline grooming your pet.
A: No. Sorry, but it has been decided that at this time, the Pet Pampering Patrol is only servicing dogs.